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Episodes Season One

Written & Directed by James Dalessandro

Every episode of Way Cool World opens with this ninety second credit sequence, introducing the main characters - ANTSY McCLAIN, DEBBIE JO, AUNT BEULA, UNCLE LEDFORD and SPOONS. It also shows the content provider, PINE VIEW HEIGHTS PUBLIC TELEVISION, and the sponsors such as STUBBIE’S DISCOUNT FIREWORKS, LEDFORD’S MOBILE MANSIONS, and more.

Written & Directed by James Dalessandro

Antsy is arrested for unpaid parking tickets that, with penalties, have broken a state record. Debbie Jo cruises Pine View Heights borrowing bail money from Uncle Ledford, Aunt Beulah, and friends. Ansty and cellmate Johnny, a bad check artist, work in a chain gang picking up trash. Johnny spots an inmate across the highway in a female chain gang picking up trash also. It’s love at first sight! Debbie Jo finally raises Antsy’s bail by selling her pickup truck! Johnny is paroled and heads to the women’s prison with a big bouquet of flowers but she was released an hour ago. In following episodes, Antsy makes wacky failing attempts to replace Debbie Jo’s truck.

Written by Ken Estin, Directed by James Dalessandro

Debbie Jo, still unhappy about selling her pickup truck, sees an ad for a bookmobile driver. Antsy gets the job that has one rule - he cannot use the bookmobile for any personal purpose. He builds a following among bookmobile kids by performing parts of characters in books. His wannabe manager, Uncle Ledford, gets him a singing gig two hundred miles away at a retirement home, Viejo Estates. Antsy can’t find a car to borrow, so he uses the bookmobile. He and his band, The Trailer Park Troubadours, perform a favorite song of his, Prozac Made Me Stay, which upsets oldsters, and the home director stops the show. On the way home, Antsy’s drummer drives the bookmobile and dozes. The vehicle goes off the road and into a lake. Antsy loses his job and fears he could be stuck with replacing the bookmobile.

Written & Directed by James Dalessandro

Uncle Ledford needs to add recreation areas to his trailer parks, and croquet courts are cheaper than swimming pools. He invites BOBBY JACK (BJ) MILLER, legendary croquet hustler, to put on an exhibition. Bobby is a sight in Bermuda shorts, knee socks and green Crocs. Women flock to him, but he only has eyes for Debbie Jo (DJ). Debbie Jo is the official Prize Girl. Bobby defeats all comers and tries to corner DJ in the utility area near the propane tanks. She knees him in the groin. He sets his cigarette on a propane tank to chase her. The tanks explode, projecting him through a wall and scattering croquet equipment, his Bermuda shorts, and Crocs onto the croquet court.

Written & Directed by Joe Comstock

At the Country Fair, Sage the hypnotist turns volunteers into braying donkeys and crowing roosters. Antsy is pushed on stage and appears immune to Sage’s skills. He drives home with DJ, whose chat about issues at school turns to BLAH BLAH BLAH. Soon, every banal statement he hears turns to BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Antsy searches desperately for Sage to reverse the process. When he finally locates Sage, he learns the hypnotist is a thief and conman who hypnotized Ledford into giving him his bank codes. Antsy tricks Sage into de-hypnotizing him and learns where Ledford’s stolen fifty thousand dollars is hidden. Antsy returns the money to Ledford, who rewards him with a twenty-five-dollar Starbucks card.

Written & Directed by James Dalessandro

Debbie Jo teaches aerobics class twice a week in a nearby town where the buff gals make fun of the chubby ones, driving them out of the gym. DJ wants to do a free outdoor class to encourage the big gals to get healthy. She asks Antsy to write a song just for the big gals. He does it for her with help from his neighbors, SPOONS, DACRON DAVE, and WALTER BLACKHAWK. They turn the class into a dance-a-thon that delights and inspires everyone.

Written by James Dalessandro & Antsy McClain, Directed by James Dalessandro

Debbie Jo pushes Antsy to go to Memphis for the Writers’ Night musical competition. He did that several time but never won. He believes the locals there hate him because they assume his songs make fun of them. Debbie Jo persists until he agrees to go with her but has no idea what to sing. While they wait for his turn on stage, performers compete. One guy’s guitar is out of tune; another songwriter sings a cringe-worthy ballad to his mother; a woman with a high-pitched voice burns out the mic, and a brother/sister pair sing a love duet to each other. Antsy takes notes and at the end of the event performs WRITERS’ NIGHT, a song about the weird stuff he observed, which earns him raucous applause and a T-shirt for third place.

Written & Directed by James Dalessandro

Antsy has a lousy job driving long distances to sell Uncle Ledford’s aluminum patio furniture at trailer parks. He stops at a diner and sees an attractive woman (SHARLA) arrive in a primer gray Impala filled with everything she owns. He wonders what her story is and watches her enter the diner. A BURLY TRUCKER hits on her and Antsy rescues Sharla by pretending to be her husband. He joins Sharla and notices a pale mark on her finger where her wedding was. She tells Antsy about her new job as a manager at the Route 66 Motel, where she is headed with no money, no credit cards, and a dead cell phone. He is going that way and offers to follow in case she needs help. Sharla offers him a free motel room out of gratitude. At the motel, he helps her unload her car. Then he goes to his room and can’t sleep, so he writes the song, Primer Gray Impala, based his observations and suppositions about her. She hears it outside his door and weeps. When he checks out of the motel in the morning, she tells him that his song about her is dead right about her sorry state, except she is pregnant, too, with a baby her husband doesn’t want. Antsy improvises a happy ending to the sad song that makes her laugh.

Written & Directed by Joe Comstock.

The GHOST OF TRAILER PARKS PAST visits Uncle Ledford and forces him to revisit all the rotten deeds he has done as SCROOGE of Pine View Heights, including underpaying help, selling inferior trailers, undervaluing Antsy, and such. By the end of the episode, Ledford scams the Ghost of Trailer Parks Past into accepting that Ledford will make up for his taking advantage of people. He will follow the example of great moguls such as Rockefeller and Carnegie by constructing buildings with his name on them.

Written & Directed by Joe Comstock

Uncle Ledford announces that his year’s Pine View Heights Grand Prix will have DALE EARNHARDT JR attending to endorse the Ledford Signature Collection of luxury trailers. Dale will be competing in the go-cart race. Antsy won the race the last three years and needs the five-hundred-dollar prize money to put toward buying Debbie Jo a truck, so he is miffed. Ledford announces raising the prize money to five thousand dollars this year to heighten the event’s impact. Antsy and WALTER BLACKHAWK (HAWK) work feverishly to upgrade Antsy’s go-cart. Dale flirts with Debbie Jo, who is flattered by the famous man’s attraction to her. Aunt Beula tells Debbie Jo that she wants to sponsor DJ’s bright pink Barbie go-cart and put signs on it for her Roadkill Fashions Store. Girl Power. Antsy and Dale drive with road rage over hills and through fields, scattering chickens and crops. Debbie Jo putters ahead, using turn signals and beeping her horn politely when she passes. All the drivers are reckless, especially Antsy and Dale who crash into each other near the finish line. DJ creeps along like the fabled tortoise and wins the five thousand dollars. Making matters worse for Antsy, she plans to buy a truck instead of waiting for him to fulfill his promise.

Written & Directed by James Dalessandro

Debbie Jo shows off her new used truck, purchased with her Grand Prix prize money and restored by Hawk. She finds a flyer announcing that Nashville Public School System is paying bonuses and generous salaries to lure experienced teachers to their schools. She puts the flyer in her purse. Antsy gets a call from a company in Atlanta that commissions advertisement jingles and is impressed with It Ain’t Home till You Take the Wheels Off, which Antsy wrote for Uncle Ledford. Antsy finds DJ’s flyer, and she finds his application for a position with the jingle company. In a comedy of errors and suspicion, they assume each is going away for a better career opportunity. He writes her a song, “Falling in Love in America,” and sings it to stop her from leaving him. They realize that neither of them could leave and discover neither intended to do so. Season One ends with a refrain of Falling in Love in America.

Meet The Characters

Antsy McClain

MEET ANTSY McCLAIN! Bard of Pine View Heights and a legend in his hometown. Despite his brilliant songs and charismatic stage performance, he struggles to find respect and make a decent living elsewhere. He exemplifies the fate of far too many talented artists - cringe-worthy bad luck, bad management, bad choices. He survives on the unshakable love for his music and fans and his marvelous relationship with Debbie Jo Betts, the woman he plans to marry as soon as he gets something akin to the career he deserves. His life, world, and music exist amongst a never-ending string of unique adventures and friends. Based on the music and characters of the real-life Antsy McClain!


MEET DEBBIE JO BETTS! Antsy’s charming, devoted, no-nonsense live-in paramour. A school teacher in rural, bucolic Pine View, she delights, inspires, and molds her mostly impoverished junior high school students. She tolerates but won’t condone Antsy’s antics and is always ready with encouragement or bail. Antsy and Debbie Jo are a contemporary, rural Lucy and Ricky Ricardo – with him as Lucy, always looking for an artistic adventure and opportunity, and Debbie Jo as our Ricky – the savior and deftly comedic anchor.


MEET POOCHINI! Our Way Cool Pup! The unique muse and best pal to Antsy and Debbie Jo, he is an obvious “empath” able to sense anyone’s mood and charm them into a better one. He talks “doggy” to the other critters at Pine View Heights - it sounds like muffled yips and growls to humans. Poochini is a deft philosopher and judge of human character. The happier he is, the faster he spins the “helicopter” - his long, windcreating tail. When asked by a four-legged friend if Antsy, his two-legged daddy, is nuts, he replies, “Everybody knows that. Crazy in a good way, especially when he makes me laugh.”


MEET UNCLE LEDFORD! Owner of Pine View Heights Trailer Park, and the regions self-proclaimed mogul of aluminum mansions, his motto is “It Ain’t Home Until You Take the Wheels Off!.” He lives in a hilltop mansion overlooking the trailer park, where everything is made of aluminum – furniture, plates, bathroom fixtures - and tooling about in the world’s only aluminum Cadillac. He’s always selling in his cringe-worthy version of the English language like “Avoid emotional downheval by relaxifying in one of these gleaming single-wides.” He adores his wife Beulah and loves his nephew Antsy, constantly drawing him into questionable career opportunities by fancying himself as a Col. Tom Parker to Antsy’s future Elvis stature.


MEET LITTLE LED! This cherubic cherub, bearing an uncanny resemblance to UNCLE LEDFORD, brings a new level of chubby charm and klutzy comedy to the Way Cool World. Ledford’s pint-sized, rapid-fire talker, Little Led, has a knack for cringe-inducing hilarity that will stitch you. Don’t get him started on Father Big Led, unless you’re prepared for a flood of sentimental tears... and maybe a little snot!


MEET AUNT BEULAH! She was a real babe as a Las Vegas showgirl and still sports her collection of movie photos in which she was “nominated for Best Supporting Extra” as the hotel clerk who smiled at Tom Cruise in the first Mission Impossible film. She lives off the fumes of her “coulda-been” career in her boutique, covered with photos of her way, way in the back of Harrison Ford, Keanu Reeves, John Travolta Carrot Top – you name it. Owner of BEULAH’S ROAD KILL FASHIONS, where her idea of recycling is making fashionable apparel and accessories from Pine View’s unfortunate road kill and giving “new purpose to their lives.”


MEET MABLE LeBEAU! Owner of “Mable’s Bait and Sushi Bar,” the entertainment capital of Pine View Heights where Antsy McClain performs every Saturday night with a routine that serves as a lead-in and wrap-up to that episodes story line. She is sassy, ferocious in her support of Antsy and sweet as pecan pie in her trademark FISHING HAT.


MEET WALTER BLACKHAWK: Husband to Mable and a full blood Cherokee Indian. Antsy McClain’s best pal (Poochini and Debbie Jo notwithstanding), Hawk is a genius mechanic who keeps trucks, cars and the “gator boats” he rents out - adjacent to Mable’s Bait Shop and Sushi Bar - all working perfectly. He’s a great storyteller, former Martial Arts champion, singer and songwriter who plays guitar and sings harmony with Antsy’s Trailer Park Troubadours whenever Antsy employs the entire band for a show.


MEET JOHNNY AND HIS JAILBIRD BEAUTY! In the Season One SERIES PILOT, our animated Antsy introduces his new song - Jailbird Beauty - which proves that “sometimes the worst experiences make the best stories.” After Antsy’s was jailed for breaking a record-breaking library of unpaid parking tickets, he and cell mate Johnny - a serial writer of bad checks - are on the chain gang out picking up trash along a busy freeway. John instantly falls in love with Jail Bird Beauty - a woman picking up trash with female prisoners on the other side of the freeway. The tale is set to Antsy’s brilliant, hilarious song of the same name - JAILBIRD BEAUTY.


MEET SPOONS! Antsy and Debbie Jo’s trailer park neighbor, he is the talented drummer in Antsy’s band THE TRAILER PARK TROUBADOURS. He developed his percussion skills as a child by banging on pots and plastic buckets with spoons. It’s a style he still employs, using large plastic or wooden salad forks and spoons - depending on the sound he desires. His day job is pumping out septic tanks - a valuable endeavor in the world of trailer parks - as self-proclaimed KING OF THE HONEY BUCKET.

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James Dalessandro The Creator

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